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Bat City Bombshells

The Bat City Bombshells

6th Annual Anti-Valentine's Day Show

Anti-Valentine's Day Burlesque
The sold out, standing room only audience fell in love with the Bat City Bombshells at their 6th annual Anti-Valentines Day Show. The show opened with Burlesque “EXPRESS” and closed with “FREAK” was EXPRESSIVE and FREAKY the whole way through.

From the lovely “Fanny” of Kitty Sangria and the sugary confection named Holli Pop, the girls rocked their stuff. Nina Josephine and Lizzy Kosmos brought the sexy. Pixie Stick showed us how to keep cozy and warm during “Sweater Weather” Miss Sherry Bomb strutted like the beautiful Peacock that she embodies.

The show included the debut of newbies, Sugar Louise as “Sweet Georgia Brown” and J Bird in a duet with Hollipop “Jailhouse Rock”. New ensemble numbers included Express, Jailhouse Rock and Take Back Your Mink, sung by resident songbird, Sherry Bomb. The opening band, Chico Chico, warmed up the crowd at The Speakeasy on Congress and then the temperature continued to rise to become the hottest show in town. Everyone left the feeling the Burly Q love of the Bat City Bombshells on Valentines Day!

Trading Card For those who made it out to our Anti-Valentine's Day Show, you may have noticed a lovely lady placed in your hand when you walked in. The Bat City Bombshells have been hard at work with Wildun Photography to create The Bat City Bombshells trading cards! For every BCB show you come to, you will get a random card from the deck, one of each of our 6 lovely ladies. If you collect all 6 of the Bombshells, you will win a free VIP and +1 admission to the Bat City Bombshells show of your choice, and a free T-shirt! Trade your cards with other fans to collect them all! Keep your eyes open for our next hosted show to collect your favorite Starlett!

San Antonio Burlesque Fest 2013

The Bat City Bombshells

The Bat City Bombshells brought their best to San Antonio for two nights of raucous fun, including Dope Show, Sherry Bomb's mesmerizing Madness, and our down and Dirty Freak group routine. We were honoured to win "Best Group" act for the Saturday night showcase!

We all swooned for the insatiable Russell Bruner, and were amazed by burlesque legend Tiffany Carter. What a weekend! We love our neighbors to the south, San Antonio knows how to put together an amazing show, we can't wait for next year! The Bat City Bombshells

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Behind the scene silliness!

Oklahoma Burlesque Fest 2013

The Bat City Bombshells The BCB girls were twirling wild with our neighbors to the North for their first ever Oklahoma City Burlesque Festival!

Dolce Dream, Lilly White, and Strawberry Tart brought Dope Show for the Friday Night Showcase. They got to share the stage that night with some of the most dazzling performers including Dangrrr Doll, Adele Wolfe, Goldie Candella, Lula-Houp Garou, and Ruby Joule.

More than just an opportunity to perform, it was a chance to become better friends with our fellow performers across the state. No doubt they caused much of the ruckus in a crowd full of burlesque virgins. Until next year that is...

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Oklahoma Burlesque Fest Gallery

Texas Burlesque Fest 2013

The Bat City Bombshells The Bombshells rocked all three nights of this year's Texas Burlesque Festival. Thursday night debuted Sherry Bomb's newest explosive routine, Madness, and was runner up for audience favorite! Friday night was our Dope Show trio, Dolce Dream, Lilly White and Strawberry Tart, what a ring master Dolce is! We brought all our silliness on Saturday's Showcase, paying homage to the longest running cartoon on TV, "The Simpsons" (we put the "spring" back in Springfield) ;-D

As Always, Texas Burlsque Fest brought in amazing talent from all over the country and beyond. The Bombshells melted for the Stage Door Jhonnies (boy-lesque? You mean "man"-lesque! Oh my lordy are they amazing!). Remi Martini (Sherry Bomb's personal idol) was head-to-toe amazing, everything you would expect from such a burlesque powerhouse, and Imogen Kelly visited all the way from Australia, what mezmorizing routines! Texas Burlesque Festival always has the #1 spot in these Bombshell's hearts, we are already excited and thinking about next year!

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